Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wanna help?

I've decided to start a Zine. It's going to be centered around Art, Books, & Nature. If you live in the Lancaster / Philly/ Harrisburg / Central PA area & want to share a cool trail or bike path, or know of any interesting places you have come across while in the wilds, scrawl it out and send it to me! I'll give you credit for sure. Also feel free to write about any cool books, gallerys, or music you have come across. even samples or your art, illustrations, poems, or short stories-I want all of it in my handmade magazine. I have hopes that it picks up and I can make something of this!

you may not be paid for your entry for now, but i would hope you would have fun with the idea that your ideas and opinion would be out & about.

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